A Cheap Taste Of Paradise: Mexico

When Winter rolls around, your eyes will start darting left and then right, looking for a way to escape the cold. Depending on where you live, escaping the cold can be a near impossible feat unless you’re willing to travel long-distance. Most places you travel to are too expensive as well, which can be prohibitive for would-be travelers on a budget. There is an amazing untouched gem that is actually in almost anybody’s budget and her name is Mexico. Rife with culture, tradition, beauty and warmth, it is a country worth visiting.

America’s southern neighbor has a largely unfortunate reputation in the public and mainstream media, represented as overly violent or poor. This is simply not true of Mexico any more than it is true of the United States. Sure, parts of Mexico have serious problems but others are still wonderful for tourism. Acapulco, for example, is a beautiful coastal city with shops, restaurants, resorts and very little crime. It is by no means desolate or poor. Take Detroit on the other hand. Despite being a US city, it leaves very much to be desired from a safety and economical point of view.

Enjoy some of the best cuisine in Mexico and meet some very friendly and welcoming people all at an incredible price point. In current reports, cost of living in Mexico is about 1/3 to 1/4 of that in most places in the United States. A decent two-bedroom apartment can be rented for about $300-400 US per month– rates unheard of in the states. A careful study of reports from expatriates out of the US and Canada who relocate to Mexico are that $1000 per month in earnings can be more than enough to live a comfortable live in most parts of Mexico.

Everybody thinks about Tijuana or Cancun when the topic of traveling to Mexico comes to mind. Don’t overlook the cities of Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta or Manzinillo as they all offer so much more of a cultural immersion without as much tourist trap.

We’ve established just how affordable Mexico truly is and due that great cost savings, it’s a great opportunity to plan a trip longer than a week. If it’s possible to make the time, getting a monthly rental on the Western Mexican coast is a great way to experience a different and beautiful way of living, a way that feels like paradise.